TCT Metal Saw Attachment

TCT Metal Saw Attachment for Recycling and Smelter Operations

Our TCT Metal Saws are a safe and versatile alternative to dangerous handheld saws.

A Safe and Versatile Alternative

TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped)  Metal Saws

TCT saws are commonly used in recycling and smelter operations to process amongst other materials, aluminum, and copper providing a safe and versatile alternative to dangerous handheld saws.

What are the benefits of our TCT Metal Saw Attachment?

Used in foundries processing slag to be put back through the smelter or in scrap yards breaking down assemblies and structures to more easily recycle.

  • Quick Cuts
  • Kerf material is recoverable and recyclable
  • No hand tools
  • Outperforms shears and other cutting tools in soft malleable metals
  • Blades can be re-tipped or sharpened
  • Uses minimal oil lubricants when cutting
  • Requires pneumatic powered oiler
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Metal Saw cutting steel pipe
Concrete Saw Blades Cut Depths

TCT Metal Saw Blade Size & Specifications

ModelExcavator Class
Blade Size
Cut Depth
Cut Width
Hydraulic Flow
Shipping Dimensions
Approx. Weight
TCM35-1530914.411279.40.275712-1548-5660 x 54 x 48152 x 137 x 122





60 x 54 x 48152 x 137 x 122

TCM718-30842133.6358890.51324-2891-10696 x 88 x 60244 x 224 x 1521600720

Our attachments can be customized to fit your skid steer or excavator. Call to let us know the specifications of your job. We’ll make sure you get the right type of diamond blade.


Our TCT saws are used world wide in material handling and recycling applications.

Artwork 58@4x
Mobile & Versatile

Our saw makes the job easier, safer, and more accurate.

Artwork 57@4x
Demolition of Aluminum or Copper Structures

Reach and cut anywhere you can get an excavator.

Artwork 56@4x
Recycling Recover Kerf

Perfect attachment for scrap yards to cut down material such as copper, steel, and metal. Water tanks and heat exchangers.

Artwork 55@4x
Precise Cuts

Our saws eliminate dangerous handheld saws and attaches to a carrier machine in minutes.

TCT Metal Saw Blade Gallery

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