Excavator Sieve Bucket Attachment

Our Excavator Sieve Bucket Screens and Sorts Material in One Attachment

Sieve Buckets Built for High Productivity.

Our powered sieve buckets provide fast and efficient processing of oversized material.

The Rock Tools Attachment excavator sieving bucket is a digging and screening bucket in one attachment, saving you money and time. It allows for on-site sorting and recycling of material without the need for costly transport and off-site processing fees. Using your existing capital equipment, easily separate oversized material from useful backfill and fines allowing for immediate recycling and a marked reduction in material handling time and landfill fees.

Unlike many other screening buckets, the Rock Tools Attachments powered sieve buckets use interchangeable grids enabling variable-sized material, this product is efficient in a bucket. This process minimizes wear to the screening elements and eliminates the risk of oversized material jamming encountered in rotary-style screeners.

The necessity of efficient and environmentally friendly job sites is on the rise, let us help you keep costs down, and keep productivity high, whilst being environmentally friendly.

Applications include:
  • Screening elements are available for as small as 1/2” minus and can be customized to suit your needs up to 4”
  • Backfilling trenches for electrical, gas, and water lines
  • Landscaping and Composting
  • Stabilizing soil
  • Full line of sieve buckets to fit your
    application and equipment

Our excavator sieve buckets fit skid steer loaders and excavators from 8 to 35 tons. Click on the model number below for more details or get in touch.

Rock Tools Sieving bucket

Excavator Sieve Buckets Size & Specifications

Our excavator sieve buckets fit skid steer loaders and excavators from 8 to 35 tons.
ModelExcavator Class
Screening Area
Struck Volume
Hydraulic Flow
Shipping Dimensions
Approx. Weight
RTV088-101.040.870.320.2410-2038-7630 x 30 x 2476 x 76 x 611500675
RTV1010-121.691.410.520.4010-2038-7636 x 36 x 3091 x 91 x 761750788
RTV1515-182.732.280.840.6410-2038-7658 x 58 x 48147 x 147 x 1222000900
RTV2020-253.142.630.970.7415-2557-9564 x 64 x 57165 x 165 x 145
RTV3030-353.643.041.120.8615-2557-9572 x 72 x 60183 x 183 x 152


What can you process with a sieving bucket attachment?

Artwork 64@4x

Our excavator sieving buckets can help you with backfilling for electrical, gas, and water lines.

Artwork 60@4x
Sorting Demolition Waste

Easily find and remove any necessary waste and minimize the materials that need to be transferred away from the site.

Artwork 62@4x
Landscaping & Stabilizing Soil

Create a better more stable ground by stabilizing the soil with just the right mix of materials after construction work.

Artwork 63@4x
Sieve Any Product or Material

Hard and abrasive material like concrete, rebar, and cable wires won’t interfere with the sieve bucket’s screening process.

Excavator Sieve Buckets Gallery

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