Excavator & Skid Steer Attachments

Rock and Concrete Saws, 
Bucket Attachments, and Rock Grinders


Drastically Increase Your Earthmoving Capacity with Our Saws

Long-lasting saw blades have cutting teeth that can be easily interchanged on-site reducing downtime and maintenance.

Invest in our attachments for these benefits:

Speed and flexibility

Increased productivity

Precision cutting

Low Vibration: a versatile tool in sensitive areas

Minimal damage to the surrounding environment

Choose the Right Saw for Your Project

With over 3 decades of excavator attachments experience, Rock Tools Attachments is a leader in finding cutting solutions for rock, concrete, steel, aluminum, and just about any material type found on planet earth.


Concrete Diamond Saw Attachment

Demolition, Excavation, Road Maintenance & Wind Turbine Recycling Projects


Tungsten Carbide Rock Saw Attachment

Quarrying, Earthmoving, Excavation & Mining Projects

TCT Metal Saw Attachment

Recycling & Smelter Operations including Aluminum & Copper

Abrasive Metal Saw Attachment

Cut Steel & Ductile Iron with Ease and Safety

Skid Steer Diamond Saw Attachment

Skid Steer Attachment Tackles Landscaping & Trenching

Rock tools Excavator Attachments Saw

Customize Your Saw Attachment for the Type of Material and Job Application.

Our saws can be customized to cut steel, ductile iron, aluminum, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals including fiberglass.






Our Rock Grinder can be used in Environmentally Sensitive Areas.

If your project requires you to work in difficult areas with precise and accurate work, our Rock Grinder Attachment is the right solution.

Rock & Concrete Grinding


Tunneling & Trenching




Dredging Underwater

Pile Head Cutting


Experts on Excavator & Skid Steer Attachments

At Rock Tools Attachments demolition and excavation attachments can be adapted to fit your existing heavy equipment and customized to suit your project. Call us today to speak directly to an expert, we are ready to answer your questions.