Tungsten Carbide Rock Saws

Excavator Rock Saws For Quarrying, Earthmoving, Excavation, and Mining

High Performance Rock Saws

Long-lasting saw blades have cutting teeth that can be easily interchanged on-site reducing downtime and maintenance.

The Tungsten Carbide rock saw is the perfect rock-cutting attachment for:

  • quarrying
  • earthmoving
  • excavation
  • mining

This saw uses industry standard teeth, commonly used amongst road profilers.

No need for blade cooling or watering during cutting.

Rock Tools rock saw attachment
Rock Tools RTS50-CUT-DEPTH-scaled

Tungsten Carbide Rock Saw Sizes & Specifications

ModelExcavator Class
Blade Size
Cut Depth
Cut Width
Hydraulic Flow
Shipping Dimensions
Approx. Weight

75 x 77 x 51191 x 196 x 1302000900
TCR825-501042641.64210672.56475-90 284-341 114 x 126 x 60290 x 320 x 152



2.56475-90284-341136 x 102 x 136213 x 259 x 457

Tungsten Carbide Rock Saw Gallery

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Tungsten Carbide Rock Saw

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