Drum Cutter Attachments

Drum Cutter Attachment for cutting or grinding rock, concrete, asphalt, and more.

The right drum cutter attachment can help you drastically improve your construction experience.

Powerful High Torque, Low Impact, Hydraulic Rock Grinders

Our rock grinder technology means our drum cutters can be used in environmentally sensitive areas, such as adjacent gas lines or near structures where minimal vibration is critical.

Rock Tools Drum Cutters bring productivity to otherwise inaccessible and or difficult areas with precise and accurate work.

Our excavator hydraulic rock grinder attachments are used for:
  • Rock & Concrete Grinding
  • Demolition
  • Tunneling & Trenching
  • Mining
  • Scaling
  • Permafrost
  • Dredging Underwater
  • Pile Head Cutting
  • Rock Scabbling
  • Foundation Excavation
Drum Cutter for road work breaking up asphalt

Excavator Drum Cutter Attachments Sizes & Specifications

ModelExcavator class
Drum diameter
Drum spacing
Cut width
Hydraulic flow
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)
G105 - 15
16.544204.0610329.1374016-2960-11032 x 29 x 1880 x 74 x 46847381
G1512 - 20
16.934304.6511829.1374026-3599-13233 x 25 x 1883 x 63 x 461300585
G2018 - 30
25.596505.6314341.73106037-55140-21045 x 42 x 28115 x 106 x 7128891300
G3025 - 40
26.576755.6314345.47115570-122265-46046 x 46 x 28117 x 116 x 7030221360

Our Rotary Drum Cutters

We are ready to help you choose the right Excavator Rock Grinder for your job.

4 Models

Four drum cutter attachment models are available, and mounts to fit most excavators and skid steers.


Easily find and remove any necessary waste and minimize the materials that need to be transferred away from the site.

Low Impact

Our technology enables you to use our rock grinders in environmentally sensitive areas where minimal vibration is critical.

High Torque

Our rock grinders' hydraulic motor offers immense breakthrough force to cut rock, concrete, or frozen ground

Key Advantages

Drum Cutter Attachment for cutting or grinding rock, concrete, asphalt, and more.

Our rock grinders allow you to cut down multiple types of materials so you don't need to haul anything off-site to be crushed.

Our rock grinder attachment will leave a clean path with its precision grinding making it the perfect tool for trenching into concrete. Our rock and concrete grinders are available based on the size and flow of your skid steer or excavator.

Rock Tools Drum Cutter fitted to excavator in the Rock Mountains Foothills

How do you choose the right excavator Drum Cutter Attachment?

When choosing a rock grinder, you will want to consider the size of your project and the horsepower that you will require to meet these needs.

Ask yourself these questions:
• What kind of project are you taking on?
• What type of materials will you be cutting?
• Which grinder is the most cost-effective decision for your needs?

Based on the needs of your project, we can help you to choose the most effective rock grinder option to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

Featured Projects

Check out our excavator rock grinder attachments in action with these feature projects.

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