Carborundum Saws

Excavator Metal Saws Cut Steel and Ductile Iron with Ease

Rock and Concrete Saw Cut Depth Diagram

A Safe and Versatile Alternative

Carborundum Saws

Carborundum saws cut steel and ductile iron with ease. This versatile saw enables operators to safely reach into difficult areas without the need for scaffolding or trench boxes.

Excavator Metal Saws cut thru steel and Iron. Rock Tools Attachments

Carborundum Excavator Metal Saws Specs

ModelExcavator Class
Blade Size
Cut Depth
Cut Width
Hydraulic Flow
(Height x Width x Depth
Approximate Weight
CS758 - 2030100.2515-1860x40x48750
CS12515 - 3049.516.50.522-2560x54x48850

Carborundum Excavator Metal Saws Gallery

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